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    Risa "Reese" Luna

​Proud Owner/Creator

100% Hand Poured, Triple Scented Candles
Plus  Bath & Body

How it all began......

Candles have always been something I absolutely love and I have always wanted to run my own business. So, on December 2008 I hosted a candle party for a very reputable company, the company consultant explained how the owner of this company had started her candle business out of the kitchen of her own home. Many times, I had been disappointed by candles. Initially, they smelled good but once lit the scent was gone and burned awful, leaving wax buildup on the jar. This company on the other hand, had me impressed with the high quality. Immediately a light bulb went on and I went on a mission to start my own candle business.  I did 2 years of research before my candle making journey began. I was determined I was not going to invest any money until I knew what I was doing. So, in November of 2011 I felt it was time and ordered my candle making kit. The night I received my products I started making candles and it really felt like I had been making them for years; thanks to all the research. It just felt so right and it came so natural. I was determined, at that time that this was not going to be a hobby or just a business; it was going to be my passion. I not only wanted to make candles and have my little business but I wanted to be the best I could be. So much time, love and pride went into this. Only 2 months after my hands-on experimenting I began giving away my candles, and immediately received rave reviews. I began to receive orders and at that time, I only had two scents to offer but I was so thrilled. My clientele grew each month thanks to my loyal customers who spread the word. They all tell me my candles truly just sell themselves. Now, I have over 100 different fragrance oils you can choose from and I have extended my business by adding a bath and body line.  That same love and passion goes into every one of my products. I invite you to see for yourself!



"Creativity is just connecting things.  When you ask creative people how they did something they feel a little guilty because they didn't really do it, they just saw something.  It seemed obvious after a while."

- Steve Jobs